Naturally leavened pizza Santa Maria Navarrese


Unique taste and genuine flavors

Our pizzas are never usual; with their unique and unmistakable taste they always conquer the customer. The genuine flavors are found in all the varieties of naturally leavened pizza in Santa Maria Navarrese: classic Margherita, with spicy salami, capers and anchovies, with peppers, with mushrooms and cooked ham, salami, pecorino cheese and olives, with aubergines, with bresaola, vegetarian, with tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, cream and salmon or shrimp, seafood, with bottarga, with crab meat, with asparagus, with gorgonzola, with 4 cheeses, tuna and onion, artichokes, with raw ham, with fresh sausage, with smoked provola, bresaola and rocket, with speck, rocket and parmesan, with baked potatoes and raw ham and many others.

Wood oven-cooking

The light dough, natural leavening, an excellent cooking in a wood oven and abundant seasonings are essential for our pizzeria. The competitive prices are a further strength of the activity. Friendliness, availability and always up to date service complete the proposal of our restaurant. The pizza are particularly delicious and digestible and being cooked in a wood oven, they are crispy and with a unique consistency. Come to our pizzeria and taste one of our proposals or book your takeout pizza. Thanks to our quick service you will be delivered your order, in special containers for transport, suitable for preserving fragrance and optimal temperature.

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