Typical Sardinian dishes Santa Maria Navarrese


Tradition and modernity

Our catering service provides high quality dishes from the ancient Sardinian traditions modernised by the creativity of our chefs. Our portions stand out for taste and abundance; Culurgiones seasoned at will, Malloreddus with meat sauce, the Sebadas, an excellent dessert combined with a sprinkling of sugar or a touch of honey, ground appetizers with excellent fresh or aged pecorino, roasted local pig, excellent steaks, spaghetti with bottarga and a wide variety of salads. Among the typical Sardinian dishes in Santa Maria Navarrese very important are those based on fresh fish caught during the day. These are just some of the dishes that we propose for the dinners of our customers who have been choosing quality for years.

A place open to everyone

Our dishes inspired by the Sardinian culinary tradition, where the genuine ingredients are protagonists, always satisfy the customer. Come to our restaurant and enjoy the excellent quality of the ingredients that will be guaranteed every day. We assure you an excellent service, attentive to different needs. You can choose from a wide selection of appetizers, first and second courses which vary from day to day depending on availability and the season. Suitable for groups of friends or family, Okay Restaurant put available, upon reservation, a quick service for children and a convenient high chair accommodation while adults enjoy the food and the beautiful view in total relaxation.

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